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the universal lining solution.

The Naturalplus liner has been designed to protect your fruit and vegetables during transportation and to optimize their shelf appearance. Made using 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper, Naturalplus is a multi-function solution which will be suited to all your fruit and vegetables.
  • Simplify your storage

    The Naturalplus liner can adapt to suit all shapes of fruit and vegetables (positive and negative halves) and can be used at the bottom, middle or top of the case. It also enables one single identical reference to be used for several purposes. Preserved in this way, your fruit and vegetables retain all their freshness and appearance when on display.
  • Optimize conservation

    Designed for protecting items picked when ripe, the Naturalvi Cell retains moisture and gives good ventilation and humidity.
  • Enhance your image

    The Naturalplus liner can be completely customised. Your brand, your logo or your message are printed into four colours. The Naturalplus liner helps reinforce your image and enables your products to be easily identified.
  • Package naturally

    100% recyclable bio-packaging

    Manufactured using Kraft paper, Naturalplus liners meet the demands of the BIO sector. Easily recyclable and biodegradable, they help protect the environment.