Paper packaging for
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The solution for limitless customization of your packaging!

Total customization with solid printing, or partial customization with logos.
  • We have the widest possible choice of colours and substrates, and we have created 3 standard ranges:

    • N'country : Logos printed on brown Kraft paper that keeps the original colours but gives a natural, eco-friendly look.
    • N'Class : Luxury printing on white Kraft paper that shows your logos and colours to their best advantage.
    • N'Press : Today, solid printing means you can use any coloured paper for your packaging.
  • Creation

    The end quality of packaging depends on the graphics and the printing process. Our studio works on your logos and presentation to produce packaging that enhances your product in keeping with your brand spirit. We can produce a printed moulded paper tray prototype on request!
  • Printing

    By adapting cutting edge technology, and working closely with our suppliers and our research and development department, we've been able to create our own flexography printers. So we can do inline printing in up to 4 colours, and can offer a large range of standard shades. All colours are also available on request.
  • Inks

    Our water-based inks are free from lead and heavy metal-based pigments and dangerous plasticizers. Our printed moulded paper trays have been certified by the technical paper center. They are eco-friendly and suitable for contact with food, and are biodegradable and can be composted.